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Mã sản phẩm: WinFan-FL-
Call - Kinh doanh - 0915 662 662

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Introduction To Functions

* Durable and low-noisy, effectively high velocity motor, 100% copper wire pure copper wire power cord, high-velocity automatically pressing stator and rotor, excellent on heat dissipation.

* Three speed options.

* 80mm round cast iron motor housing, with alumium gear box.

* 2.0mm wire diameter clip type fastener grill.

* Totally 1.3meter adjustable pole, with 10.0kgs cross iron base.

* Big-angle 3 aluminum blade.

* Suitable for cooling the temperature in larger factories, workshops, warehouse and hall, etc.

* 34", all black color.

* Adopt the American Mobil oil in our fan bearing, high density upset bearing steel, to make our motor much more durable, high-velocity and low-noise.